SDVC32L - Vibratory feeder controller with variable frequency

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Automatic voltage control:Built-in digital voltage control function can eliminate the fluctuation of dosing speed caused by the fluctuation of mains voltage.
Soft start: to prevent sudden impacts on workpieces, the SDVC31-S variable frequency vibrator feeder controller can slightly increase the output voltage from 0 to the default value at start-up.
Setting the soft start time: the soft start time can be set precisely in digital numbers.
Acceleration: the maximum value of the output voltage of the controller can be increased up to 150% of the input voltage value.
Intelligent Photoelectric Sensing:Our adaptive intelligent photoelectric sensor can help stop the driver when the workpieces are full or empty, and can help meet soft start time, start delay, shutdown delay and logic settings.
Remote speed control: the output voltage of the SDVC31-S vibratory feeder frequency controller can be controlled by an external potentiometer, PLC or voltage control signal in the range of 1V to 5V.
Control Output:The control output signal coming from the transistor can coordinate the solenoid valve or other external devices with the controller.
Keypad Lock: Press and hold the "ON/OFF" button for 2 seconds to lock all buttons to prevent misuse.
Maximum Output Limit: It is possible to preset the maximum output voltage value to protect the device from damage caused by improper use.
Stop when workpieces are full: The NPN sensor can help stop the driver when the hopper is full and assist in performing the functions of setting soft start time, start delay, shutdown delay and logic connections.
Curve index adjustment:By adjusting this parameter, operators can achieve weight efficiency and maximum capacity.
Restore Default Settings:This function allows the user to restore all default parameter settings and reset the controller.
Overheat protection: the controller stops its output to protect itself when the operating temperature is too high.
Overload protection:The SDVC31-S variable frequency vibratory feeder controller stops its output to ensure safe operation of the machine when the operating current exceeds its rated value.
Short-circuit protection: if a short-circuit occurs at the output of the controller, the controller will stop its output until it is restarted. Dimensions: 190*53.6394.5 (L*W*H, mm)
Weight: SDVC31-S: The weight of the controller is 560 g without accessories