SDVC35-S Variable Frequency Vibratory Feeder Controller


SDVC35-M:3.0A Features:
Frequency Tracking: Synchronize output frequency and phase of several controllers to avoid beat effect. Auto FM: Automatic frequency adjusting in real time to ensure best feeding result. Auto Speed Stabilization: Automatic feeding speed stabilizing in real time regardless of the quantities of the feeding parts. Auto Frequency Searching: Find the best operating frequency of the vibratory feeder and adjusts parameters automatically. Frequency Adjusting: Output Frequency ranges from 40.0Hz to 400.0Hz. Voltage Adjusting: Output Voltage ranges from OV to 260V. Automatic Voltage Stabilizing: The controller can eliminate feeding speed variation caused by mains voltage fluctuation. Soft Startup: In order to avoid sudden shock to the work pieces, the controller can gently increase output voltage from 0 to the pre-set value when startup. Intelligent Photoelectric Sensing: Our adaptive Intelligent Photoelectric Sensor can help to stall the controller when work-pieces are full or work-piece is empty and to fulfill the functions of Soft Startup Time Setting.Startup Delay. Shutdown Delay. and Logical Relation Adjusting. Halt when Work-pieces are full: A NPN switch sensor can help to halt the controller when work-pieces are full and to fulfill the functions of Soft Startup Time Setting, Startup Delay. Shutdown Delay. and Logical Relation Adjusting. Acceleration: Due to this function, maximum output voltage value of the controller can be increased up to 150% of the input voltage value. Remote Speed Control: Output Voltage of the controller can be controlled by an external potentiometer. a PLC. or voltage control signal ranging form 1V to 5V. Controlling Output: The Controlling Output signal outgoing from the transistor can coordinate a solenoid or other external devices with the controller. Keypad Locking: Press the ON/OFF button and hold for 2 seconds to lock all buttons for fear of false operation. Maximum Output Restriction: Maximum Output Voltage value can be preset to protect the equipment from damage caused by misuse. Waveform Index Setting: Operators can weight efficiency and maximum capacity by adjusting this parameter.
Default Settings Restonation: This function allows the user to restore all default parameter settings and reset the controller.
Dimensions:190*53.6*94.5(2W*H, mm)
SDVC35-S:The controller weights 560g without accessory
SDVC35-M:The controller weights 610g without accessory

Front View

Bottom View

Signal Interface View

Packing Photo

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