SDVC11-M Voltage Regulated Vibratory Feeder Controller Features


SDVC11-M Voltage Regulated Vibratory Feeder Controller


1.Automatic Voltage Regulation: The built-in Digital Voltage Regulation function can eliminate feeding speed variation caused by mains voltage fluctuation.
2.Soft Startup: In order to avoid sudden shock to the work pieces, SDVC31-S Variable Frequency Vibratory Feeder Controller can gently increase output voltage from 0 to the pre-set value when startup.
3.Soft Startup Time Setting: Soft Startup Time can be set exactly in digital numbers.
4.Acceleration: Maximum output voltage value of the controller can be increased up to 150% of the input voltage value.
5.Intelligent Photoelectric Sensing: Our adaptive Intelligent Photoelectric Sensor can help to stall the controller when work-pieces are full or work-piece is empty and can help to fulfill the functions of Soft Startup Time Setting, Startup Delay, Shutdown Delay, and Logical Relation Adjusting.

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